HuntScapes is a Licensed NC Irrigation Contractor and a member of the Carolina Irrigation Association. Our sprinkler system service provides personal consultation, design and installation of affordable quality driven irrigation systems and components for residential and commercial use.

We feature top brands like Rainbird, Toro and Hunter that make efficient use one of our most limited natural resources – water.

Did You Know?

A properly designed irrigation system can address the different watering requirements of different plants, as well as the micro-climates found within your landscape. HuntScapes expertise will properly address your diverse watering needs, saving you money by not over watering areas.

Irrigation Maintenance

HuntScapes will inspect each zone regularly and at the beginning and end of the watering season. We will make necessary adjustments on all water timers and sprinkler heads to ensure your plants, lawn and trees are getting the right amount of water to thrive in every season. Our service includes winterizing the backflow in November and reinstalling and testing your system in April after the spring thaw. Clients can call us anytime if there are any issues or suspected water leaks with their systems.

Our Promise

An irrigation system properly designed and installed by HuntScapes will reduce waste and eliminate over watering. Your new system will specifically address the needs of the plants on your property while protecting your home or business’ foundation from excessive water with our new technologies.

Your new sprinklers will provide 100%, head to head coverage. They will pop-up to water and retract out of sight when not operating. Your system will be fully automatic and equipped with very user-friendly timers to help manage any local water restrictions. All systems come with the manufacturer’s warranty and the HuntScapes promise to install correctly, below the frost line even in rocky soil.

Contact HuntScapes today for top-quality, reliable irrigation system installation and maintenance in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest and surrounding areas.